What color frames are available? 

We offer both satin silver and black frames.

What material are the frames made of?

The frame material is made up of anodized aluminum so it is light-weight, durable and corrosion resistant.

What material is the artwork printed on? 

They are printed on a premium canvas fabric material specially designed to give prints a luxurious look and feel and evenly distribute light.

How do I assemble & mount my artwork? 

Each artwork package comes with assembly instructions, however, if you would like to use online instructions click here.

What will come in my LED frame order?

You will receive a set of assembly instructions, all screws & mounts needed, your fabric artwork, a reflective backing (this reflects the light onto your artwork) and your frame with the LED's attached. 

What type of LED's are used? 

Each light strip comes with 4-9 LED's depending on the size of your frame, they have a wide beam angle for light efficiency and low heat emission. The lighting colour temperature is 6500K and the entire unit is UL certified. 

Can I use this artwork outside?

No, this artwork is the made to withstand the outdoor environment. It is only meant for indoor use. However, if you have a weather-proof case surrounding the art you should be okay.

What is the expected delivery time? 

You can expect a delivery of up to 14 - 20 business days. The delivery time can vary based on the weather, holidays or other unforeseen circumstances.  

How much will it cost to run my backlit art?

A 48" x 72" backlit artwork running for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week at 14 cents/kWh will cost approximately $85 for the entire year. 

What is the frame depth? 

3.1 inches.

Do you do refunds? 

Yes, if you are not happy with your product or if there are any mistakes/errors on your artwork we will fully refund you/exchange within the first 30 days of purchase. Please contact us here to proceed with your refund.

Do you do offer a warranty? 

Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty on all of our products. Please keep a record of purchase on file for warranty approval. Please contact us here to proceed with your warranty.

Do you offer custom printing?

Yes, we offer custom printing. Visit our custom printing page here.

Do you sell to retailers? 

Yes, visit our page here and read the bottom section.

Do you accept artist applications for their artwork to be used on your website?
Yes, please visit our page here. 

If there are any questions you have that are unanswered or have not been answered to your liking please contact us here.